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  • It's difficult and time consuming to produce multiple .capx examples to single out all the exact causes of worse performance, that's why opening it up to the community would provide a great benefit to users, myself, and surely yourself as well.

    I cannot reconcile the fact that my framerates are still lower and sometimes still get choppier performance even after turning off all of those switches that were provided before... -

    I thought that would fix it, but for me it didn't.

    It would seriously put the entire issue at ease to provide the global on/off toggle not only for me, but for many others I'm sure at the same time. -

    And it would certainly allow me to keep on going with your Excellent Construct 2 software!! :)

  • It surely won't hurt anyone to include it, by nature it can only benefit users by giving them the option, as simple as "on/off."

    Ashley :)-

    P.S. - I might not be able to reproduce a .capx to show each of the problems inherent with collision cells, but with a toggle switch I think I would be able to catch any differences much easier/more quickly and help correct them in a beneficial and constructive way :)

  • STARTECHSTUDIOS - my best theory why you can't make a .capx showing collision cells are slower is because they're not slower! Alternatively maybe you're mistaking the latest version of Chrome's software rendered WebGL as a performance drop caused by collision cells, when it is unrelated.

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  • Ashley

    Haha, maybe, with the new update we shall see... --

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