Improving Construct 2 on Android and IOS devices.

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    mobile devices' games are taking a huge part of our lives. waiting for our friends. standing at a line. depressed or waiting for the guy in the bathroom to finish. As of the slowness and the frame rate of games on android and IOS, most people dont use construct 2 for this reason. if those bugs are fixed its gonna bring Construct 2 to a whole new level!

    Observed Result

    ____ frame rate is pretty slow if is used on android or IOS. this also affects game developers, even if they're game is super duper awesome ( which i know that all of you guys have super duper games ) the slowness would give a negative opinion about the game and would stop playing it after 5 seconds. ____

    Expected Result

    ____ to see the slow frame rate of construct 2 on an android device watch this video and skip to 2:00 : watch?v=3PeGbMvpz4M



    so here's the question, how can we improve construct 2 in the mobile category? how can construct 2 level up from a super game engine to a super duper game engine? write your suggestions down below! that could basically help the whole Scirra community!

  • What a pointless post. This section is for bugs in the C2 software, not for general ramblings.

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  • thanks dude, since i have agnosia, i cant identify things and other things, im just not sure how to remove a post from here

  • Closing, please keep bug reports to reproducible things we can actually act upon. IIRC the video you linked to was made in mid-2013 before we introduced asm.js physics which are a lot faster. Mobile performance should already be good using Crosswalk for Android or PhoneGap for iOS 8+.

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