Importing wave files freezes Construct

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  • I've been using Audacity to edit and export files to Construct for a while now, and today I exported two .Wav files that froze Construct on import. After importing several more times to test, I found that only those two sound files were responsible.

    All the sounds play normally in media players, the original audio files import to Construct fine, and even copies of the broken audio files import. I'm on Windows 7, most recent drivers and stable r95 construct, tested on an empty project with no third-party plugins. Might these be corrupt audio files, or does Construct not read them properly?

  • c2 importer seems to have a problem with small files, add a little bit of silence at the end (probably up to a second time total wav length) and it should be ok.

  • I think it's because the bad sounds are at non-standard sample rates (the first is 16 KHz). The bug is actually in our AAC encoder which we can't really fix - it just hangs when given an unsupported file which sucks, and we can't really tell if it's just taking a very long time or if it's really hung. Try encoding everything to 44.1 KHz first. I'll see if we can add some kind of workaround in the editor so it won't even try to encode unsupported files.

  • Yes bad sounds made C2 freeze, i did it too

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  • Thanks for the feedback!

  • I'm still having this problem in r98. I can import the wav just fine, but when I try to play it, it kills all audio in the layout. I've tried encoding the wav files from Audacity, MediaMonkey and LMMS. They are all encoded at 44.1khz.

    edit: firebug doesn't show any script errors but the polls to the server are failing, and the editor can't relaunch the demo server until it's been closed and reopened.

  • i had trouble with 24-bit FLAC files. had to use 16-bit. great that i can use flac though.

  • gesangbaer - can you post a separate bug report with a .capx?

  • Old thread, but since I just ran into this problem... I will confirm that there is indeed a problem with small audio files.

    Sample rate didn't matter-- what ended up letting me finally import the audio in the end without C2 freezing up was adding 1 second of silence at the end of the file so the file was at least 1 second long.

    Posting in case that helps figure out a way to fix this bug

  • er, sorry, it was still much less than a second.

    Added 0.1 seconds of silence so the sound was at least 0.1 of a second long

  • Just ran into this problem with a very short wav file while using r152.

  • Hate to bump an old thread like this but this bug is still present on r195.. It really sucks that I can't just cancel the importing, and I lost a bit of code due to that. This always happens when I make sounds on SFXR then import them...

  • I think I closed this because it's a duplicate report, but I said elsewhere: unfortunately there's not much we can do about this. We don't write or have any control over the encoders, and the AAC encoder is actually the one built in to Windows, so it's a Windows feature that is hanging...

  • Look for WINAACENC in task manager and force quit. I just saved my ass two hours worth of work because I forgot to save - and the auto save feature sucks ass.

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