Importing audio doesn't update previous files.

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  • When importing audio files ogg, and m4a format, with the same filenames as ones that are already been used in the project, the new files aren't the correct file when previewing the game. You have to use a new filename that hasn't been used before to get it to work.

    So if I have jump.ogg in the project. If I delete it and then import a new jump.ogg that is different sound, it will still use the sound of the old jump.ogg, even though it was removed.

    Same with simply replacing the file without removing, it has same issue.

    I have to import the file as jump2.ogg for it to sound correct, even if jump.ogg isn't even in the project.


    I'm not sure if this is a caching issue or what, but thought I'd make a post reporting it since it is a bit confusing when you're replacing audio files and expecting them to sound different.

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines (include a .capx, the specific audio files you tested with, steps to reproduce etc)

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