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  • I am trying to import and HD resolution image for the background of a Win 8 app. When I import the graphic it seems the right size in the EDIT ANIMATION dialog. When the object is put on the screen the placeholder is the size of the graphic, but the graphic only displays in the upper left quadrant (1/4 the size) of the placeholder.


  • Please see how to report bugs. This sounds like you have simply not set the window size/layout size correctly. Closing.

  • My apologies. The repro steps are below.

    Windows 8 PRO, Construct 114, IE 10, Graphics Drivers up to date.

    GOAL: Import an HD image and use it as a placement guide for other elements.

    ISSUE: The imported image only displays in the upper left quadrant of the placeholder at 1/4th the size.

    CAPX FILE: "HDImportImage.capx" in


    1. Create a new blank project

    2. With the project name highlighted in the Project Window, change the WINDOW SIZE in the properties box to 1920, 1080.

    3. Select Layout 1 in the Project Window and change the LAYOUT SIZE to 1920, 1080.

    4. Right-click the layout and select INSERT NEW OBJECT

    5. Choose SPRITE as the object type and name it "HDbackground"

    6. The image editor box opens.

    7. Choose the FOLDER icon to import the image

    8. The image looks correct in the editor.

    9. Close the editor

    10. The image is only in the upper left quadrant of the placeholder and cannot be used as a guide for placement.

    11. Run the Layout, image displays in full resolution.

  • Everything seems to look fine in your .capx. Can you show with a screenshot what is wrong?

  • I'll get that tonight

  • Screenshots in

    I also tried the repro steps above in build 115 on another system. I had the same issue.

  • It doesn't look like that here, it appears correctly. It might be a driver bug, have you tried updating your graphics card driver?

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  • Well, that is good to hear. I have done the graphics driver update check with each build install and it has reported back up to date. I will do a manual check at manufacturer websites.

    I will let you know the result.

    Thank you Ashley.

  • My systems/cards are just old enough I guess that there are no Windows 8 certified drivers. They are up to date, but only for Win 7.

    I installed the free version of build 114 on my system at work just to test. It has Win 8 compatible drivers. There was no issue with the HD image import. I saved that project back to my Skydrive, opened it on my systems, and had the same issue reported above.

    Looks like it is all on my end. Thanks for taking the time to review the issue. I guess I'll be buying a new graphics card.


  • new card, new driver = working as expected.

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