Images are invisible in layout editor.

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  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Insert sprite object in the layout editor.

    2. Open an image in the image editor.

    3. Close the image editor

    Observed result:

    The image displays normally in the image editor

    but only as a blank box in the layout editor.

    When the next object is edited obviously this means you can't see

    the image or even it's position as the box itself disappears as it should.

    If you run the layout the image shows up.

    Expected result:

    To see the images in the layout editor

    Browsers affected: N/A

    Chrome: no

    Firefox: no

    Internet Explorer: no

    Operating system & service pack:

    Vista home premium

    service pack 2

    Construct 2 version:

    Release 119 32 Bit Free edition

    Other info

    Rendering with OpenGL 2.0.6849

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600

    Shader language 1.10

    I suspect that this is a graphics driver issue but I see it as a bug because I've only had my computer five years and when I try to update my graphics driver windows checks online and tells me it is up to date.

    I am using a satellite P200-1BK

    I hope I can find a solution to this without buying a new computer or upgrading my graphics card because the program is brilliant but not really usable with this problem. (I would buy it otherwise).

    ps: I haven't experienced any image problems in any other programs

    that I use.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • This is always a bug in the display drivers of the pc.

    A 5 year old pc with shader 1 support is just not good enough these days.

    To keep up with new technology requires better equipment, unfortunately.

  • Thank you for the reply. As a known solution to the issue I am sure you are right but it is not the answer I was hoping for.

    To be honest, I'm really fed up playing the upgrade game in the name of progress. It's presented as a necessary consequence of progress towards bigger, better and faster things but too many times I've been one of those left with the scraps of technology that just yesterday were considered cutting edge. I refuse to play THAT game any longer. Whilst I understand new software has to be written with the needs of future hardware in mind I do think greater thought should be given to making things as compatible with past and present systems as much as possible.

    What is the point after all of buying hardware that lasts say a decade if after a few years a change of operating system or development in graphics hardware makes software incompatible with what was acceptable when it was purchased ? Where does it end ?

    At the end of the day, I guess it's an individual choice but manufacturers should beware of playing this game to it's extreme. It's a certain way to alienate customers from their future products.

    ps: No need to reply to this post unless you really want. It's not aimed at you. You just happened to be the first person that answered and once again, thanks for that.

  • Closing, since this is definitely a problem with your graphics card driver and not with Construct 2. The layout view renders correctly for the vast majority of users.

    Please direct your frustrations towards AMD (who now own ATI); they are the ones who have shipped you a broken driver and won't update it. On the other hand, note buying a new graphics card (and you might want to go with nVidia!) will probably boost your system perfomance a lot, especially for games.

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