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  • While drawing, if you click both right and left mouse button at the same time, the whole frame you're working on is lost with no chance of undoing.

    This is with the pencil tool and line tool.. seems to be no problem with the brush tool.

    Made a quick video showing what I'm talking about.

    This results in me having to redo the whole thing over and over again.

    Anyone else noticed or having problem with this?

    <font color="Green">//Sidetrack</font>

    The image editor is clunky enough, could seriously use some work, should take it on the suggestions forum I guess, but anyhow.. GameMaker has actually solved it pretty well, and I found making sprites there much more enjoyable than the current state of C2's image editor.

    Not only drawing, but previewing animation, going back and forth between frames, and basicly the complete GUI is easier to deal with.

    I'm also missing a Lasso Tool and not only rectangular marquee tool.

    Thanks guys! :)

  • HERE <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • This should be fixed in the next build as noted by

    As for general image editor improvements, we're open to suggestion - bear in mind we're not trying to reinvent Photoshop here, the aim is just to have a simple tool that allows for scribbles and simple cropping and adjustments to existing artwork.

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  • Cool.. I tried searching, but somehow that one didn't grab my attention. Good thing they're aware of it :)

    Edit: Thanks Ashley

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