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  • Plugin isn't giving a success or failure

    I have the plugin in test mode, and the app in sandbox mode on BBWorld.

    The first step, We added product id and requested store listing.

    Then, on store listing success -> print a debug

    on store listing failure -> print a debug.

    After this we have other conditions on whether user has purchased or if store is available or not.

    Sadly, the first step of store listing is itself not working.

    Should I be expect some message either success or failure... how do I live if it does nothing <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Observed Result

    No success message nor failure message!

    Expected Result

    Some form of message to tell me what's happening or why is it failing.

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack


    Construct 2 Version ID


  • Updated to r163, although release notes suggests nothing new in IAP side.

    Still doesnt work :/

  • Guys bump.



    Please help. This is holding up our release

  • Sigh... cry for help goes un-heard? even though this is holding up our release

    Contacted WaterlooErik and he took some painful amount of testing to see what the problem is.

    Sent me a procedure.. I will try and let you guys know how it works.

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  • The piece I'm unsure of is the initial setup. From the docs:

    • On start of layout, use the Add product ID action to add the product IDs you will be using, e.g. "product1,product2,product3".
    • After that (still in the 'Start of layout' event), use the Request store listing action. This starts downloading the names and prices of the given products. Some platforms require this information to be available for the IAP features to work.
    • When On store listing success triggers, the product names and prices are available, and purchases can start being made or checked with the Has product condition.

    With respect to BlackBerry 10; does the Product ID refer to:

    • The numeric, auto-assigned (by Vendor Portal) Product ID
    • The user-defined Product Name
    • The user-defined Product SKU

    I'm assuming we actually want the Product SKU since the majority of BlackBerry Payment APIs are based on the SKU, but was hoping someone could confirm.

    Also, what is the exact function of Request Store Listing? The closest BlackBerry Payment API I can identify would be GetExistingPurchases. And does that mean that this function uses the Product IDs specified in the first step to bring down local information on each of those? Does this create a WebStorage (or other local) object that gets referenced for the Has Product and similar calls?

    Ultimately, I'm hoping someone could elaborate on the specific functionality of configuring the IAP Object and how it applies to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

  • WaterlooErik - you can look at the code yourself in <install directory>\exporters\html5\plugins\iap\runtime.js. The Blackberry implementation is implemented with the Blackberry10Store class.

    The product ID is passed as "digitalGoodID" to the purchase() method. 'Request store listing' requests item prices and also calls getExistingPurchases() to identify what products are already owned (since unlike most other stores there's not a method to check if a particular product is owned already). The documentation and samples around the BB10 purchases were not great last time I checked, would be good if you could review the code WaterlooErik and let me know if there's anything amiss. It's difficult for us to test without publishing all the way to the store, where you can't then debug it.

  • The product ID is passed as "digitalGoodID" to the purchase() method.

    So that makes it the numerical "id" of the virtual good and not the SKU?

    [quote:2o53ee9t] It's difficult for us to test without publishing all the way to the store, where you can't then debug it.

    I am currently in middle publishing, stuck with this problem.

    You want to me to run some checks? I'd be glad to do so.

  • Yeah, maybe try the numerical ID instead? I'm not sure why there would be more than one ID per item.

  • I was using numerical ids the whole last week, and it didn't work.

    Only on the last 2 builds I tested yesterday, I've been using SKUs as a trail to see if that works.... since SKU is also unique on BBWorld and so is id.

    It would have been really helpful if some sort of error was being captured in IAP.ErrorMessage or IAP.Debug? ... having nothing is clueless and headless beating behind the bush for us.

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