Help!!! intel xdk "build failed. please verify assets"

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  • intel xdk gives me error "build failed. please verify assets" without even logs!!!!!

    please please please help. i have checked if there is weird letters and there was not, except in my font files, inside "stlesheet.css" could this be the problem?

    btw i dont know to upload an image so i uploaded it here:

  • although no one cared about my question, i solved it my self so....if anyone want to close this threas then close it.

  • It's not that no-one cares - it's whether anyone CAN help.

    Regarding officially: from the guidelines....

    [quote:2jyxuvfz]Why haven't you responded to my bug report yet?

    We do look at every report, but developer and release schedules mean we may not get round to it immediately. Please allow a few weeks for it to be investigated. If you are waiting, you can improve the chance it is resolved when a developer does get round to it by carefully reviewing these guidelines and providing as much useful information about the problem as possible. If you are missing anything, you may end up waiting a few weeks for a reply simply asking for the missing information, and then you're waiting again.

  • Ok, thanks for explaining that to me.

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  • Hi fathybasha,

    I just ran at the same problem like you yesterday while I want to update a app of mine just when I've update my XDK version to 2170. How did you solve the problem?

    Thnx for advance.

  • The problem was in the App ID in project setting in construct 2, it contained a "-" so...I think only "." Is enabled in App Id in project settings in construct 2.

  • Closing, please see the bug report requirements and note we can't fix issues with Intel's software - you should report such issues to Intel.

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