What happened!!?? C2 wont run my projects!

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  • I confirm FF and Chrome both raises an error on line 31 of this minified runtime.

    this.xa.hq is not extensible

    this.zb=g)};A.Rh=function(a,h){this.type=a;this.xa=h;this.w=h.w;this.$b=this.me=this.Zg=0;this.Ya=this.Kd=e;A.seal(this)};var a=A.Rh.prototype;a.fl=function(){this.w.bindTexture(this.w.TEXTURE_2D,this.Kd);[b]this.xa.hq[/b]=this.Kd};a.el=function(){this.w.uniform1f(this.xa.vj,this.Zg);this.xa.gq=this.Zg};a.bl=function(){this.w.drawElements(this.w.TRIANGLES,this.$b,this.w.UNSIGNED_SHORT,2*this.me)};a.dl=function(){this.w.blendFunc(this.me,this.$b)};a.gl=function(){this.w.uniformMatrix4fv(this.xa.hm,g,this.Ya)};

    Some caps names spot out (Texture_2D, Triangles, Unsigned_short)

    Hope it helps spot the original code.

  • I confirm [...]

    yes! at least we agreed on something ;)

    also, please look into the arcade problem, i wrote somewhere that it may not be connected with the export itself, cos it seems like the canvas doesn't get keyboard focus, as pressing up and down arrows just scrolls the page up and down.

  • I can only confirm that keyboard keys appear to not register.

    I can also confirm that the webpage gets moved on key up/down and space.

    But this may be more have to do with browser shortcut keys. The trick should work.

    Also Tom is the best placed to deal with arcade issues.

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  • But this may be more have to do with browser shortcut keys. The trick should work.

    but the problem is with "D", "A" and "ESCAPE" keys, not the arrows, arrows should only help to find where the problem is, as in earlier releases these keys were working, and arrows were NOT scrolling the page :)

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