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  • this caused me alot of pain tonight <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    if you have a group "Split"

    enable "split" will be accepted as a group but will not run the group

  • Oops, sorry - fixed for next build.

  • I was having that same problem and didn't even know it. Thanks vtrix for pointing it out, and thanks Ashley for fixing it so quickly!

    Ashley, is there any way to make the group entry field into a drop down list of all the existing groups?

  • No please no !

    Or else, allow to choose between drop down list OR text itself (same for layouts).

    Having the opportunity/ability to write the name of the groups, allow for tricks like

    Activate "Group" & variable_number_of_group, allowing to have easier control over the behavior of the game/app.

    In certain cases, the drop down lists would make things easier, but for other cases, it would make it really harsher.

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  • Point well taken, Kyatric! I've never used group activation that way, so I didn't think about. It's probably easier just to leave it the way it is, since Ashley has more important things to work on.

    Perhaps, in the future, you could create it as a combo box, allowing for text entry or choosing from a list.

  • +vote for a selectionbox and string input,

    +the same for layers,

    it will speed up workflow and lessen mistakes especially for layers where mistakes often happen, because its easy to create objects on layer "0" without thinking of the layerstructure, or when structure change..

  • For layers, layouts and groups I've been meaning to have a dropdown list which you can right-click and choose 'use expression' (a few places in Classic do this) so you get the best of both worlds. Just yet another thing on the todo list right now though.

  • That seemed to be a constant source of confusion for people with CC because they didn't know it was there. Perhaps some sort of immediately apparent option that you don't have to right click to see is there?

  • Yeah, I guess a button to the right of the dropdown would be clearer.

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