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  • From Monday this sort of weird stuff appeared on my layout tab:

    The funny stuff is that on preview (I use Chrome) everything runs pretty good.

    I have tried to reinstall Construct2, but nothing changed. Still, I don't thing is my video card, since all other games run preatty great.

    Does anyone have an idea on what's going on?

    Thanks for help, pals.


    My drivers are update, I work on a amd A6 with 8gb RAM and a Radeon HD 7670M and Construct 2 Standard License v. 108.2 64bit

  • That's very strange. I'd guess it still is actually a graphics card driver issue, or possibly even the hardware is failing. Have you tried looking for a driver update direct from AMD?

  • That's not nice to know :(

    Actually the laptop is brand new... I will look for AMD drivers and I will post again.

    Thanx so much, Ashley

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  • I have figured out what the problem was!

    In my Vision Engine Control I set "high performances" option for Construct 2. I switched back to "Energy Saving" and now the screen is completely fine and no more errors.

    Praise God it was not a card issue, but still it is a little weird.

    Btw, Thanks for your help and keep doing the hard work, I love Construct!

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