Google play game services outdated.

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  • I was searching for a service that could act as a global social service among mobile platforms and thought I would give the Google play services a go. ~

    Turns out it only works for web at the moment anyway so that stopped me in my tracks. However, I also noticed from the manual it only says you need a client id. This isnt true anymore as it seems you also need the "OAuth2 Client Secret" as I understand it, but perhaps I misunderstood. So I assume this plugin no longer works?

    As a side note it would be nice if the plugin worked for mobile platforms as well. As it could mean you could use the same service across all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry and HTML5.

  • Still works fine for me here. Last I checked the Google documentation wasn't very clear: you actually only need a Client ID for a web app, but for native apps (which are documented similarly) you do need the secret as well.

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  • Can anyone confirm that the google play services will work on Android when exported via Crosswalk? I keep reading mixed opinions about it.

  • TheWyrm

    I have two probject relating with Google play game services.

    1.SDK version

    ==> tested in phonegap: works

    ==> not yet tested in crosswalk: if you test, let me know

    2.html5 version (make official Google Play plugin login possible)

    ==> tested in phonegap and crosswalk: works

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