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  • I had a project in r63 which only had one layout named by its default name then this project was opened and saved in r64.

    I then wanted to create another layout which after a key press would go to the original layout. So I renamed the original to "game" then created a new layout named "intro" then it asked if I wanted an event sheet created and I clicked yes. I then renamed the event sheet to "intro events".

    Now I created a simple event in the intro event sheet "if space is down go to layout game". It doesn't work at all. I tried mouse clicking, object clicking, etc. It seem it's failing to go to the game layout and can't.

    Not sure if it's a bug and I'm hoping I'm overlooking something really simple.

  • Could you post your .capx so we could take a look?

  • Not really, it was my entry for the competition. It seems to work with new projects <img src="smileys/smiley13.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> so I can't replicate. On another note I did notice when I originally opened the old project (made in r63) into r64 the "Touch" plugin wouldn't show on the object panel or when selecting an event. I had to delete and re-add it. Not sure if this is related.

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  • You can send your .capx to my email address. If you can't reproduce it in a new project, we really can't do anything without your file.

  • You can send your .capx to my email address. If you can't reproduce it in a new project, we really can't do anything without your file.

    Ok thanks Ashley. I'll send the project asap. I'll see if I can work around the problem for now. I was going to rewrite the whole thing as it was more of a creative vent and a balance test than a finished product but I don't have time for the competition so I'll have to integrate a pause and restart function then pass it over to Tom.

    Would that be ok?

  • I just got this bug as well. Even worse it just happened out of the blue...not immediately after I upgraded to R64.

    I've deleted the events and added them back but still does it. Weird thing is it still works for Chrome, but not for IE.

  • I was having a similar problem today. I'm running r63 still, and my project will preview in the latest Firefox and Chrome. But when I try to preview in IE9, it freezes when it's supposed to change layouts.

    I exported the project, and then it ran fine in IE9. It switched layouts without missing a beat.

    Have you tried exporting your project yet, or have you just been previewing?

  • I've just noticed something "similar" in firefox, with an exported project in local.

    Firefox ask me if I want to save datas for an offline use.

    As it is local (double clicked on the html file to execute it), I can't say yes. And when I try to go to the next layout, it freezes.

    Nevertheless, during previews everything worked fine happily, and it also works when the exported project is hosted online (dropbox).

    Maybe this is not related at all, but it felt like it though (file mode ?).

  • Just tried exporting and it works fine! Thanks. :-) I guess it is a preview bug then.

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