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  • This is something that I have noticed in every version of C2 I have used since the end of last year. Have trued this on several PC's and os's. It is several glitches in the color picker in the sprite editor.

    The 2 glitches are:

    • the RGB and HSL text is actaully on top of the luminance slider which means to the slider actually goes through the text.
    • the Green, Blue and Alpha text labels cutout part of the lower colour swatch and these cutouts flicker on and off as the colour parameters are moved.

    I would actually prefer to see the same colour picker used in the sprite editor that is used when selecting a background colour in the layer is far superior! Otherwise please fix this.

    Obviously I can't attach a capx file for this bug, so please refer to this image instead:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • To add to the report:

    The glitch only occurs if it's resized.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. In the image editor resize the color picker. At this point it all looks fine with the controls positioned correctly.

    2. Close the color dialog and then re-open it. Stuff is now positioned wrong.


    For now you can use "preferences"->"reset dialogs" put the dialog back to it's original size.

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  • R0J0hound, I tried the reset dialogs and restarted C2, but it still has the same issues. This is on a Win8 machine, but have found the same thing under Vista on another machine.

  • I notice your grey and white image editor background is messed up as well. How it should look.

  • This should be fixed in the next build. Note if the color picker layout is already messed up, you'll still need to hit Reset Dialogs. But from the next build hopefully it won't happen again.

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