gamepad Bug...firefox FINE...Chrome fail !

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    guys, I found a gamepad bug... on chrome it's not going vertical...on firefox it does...any suggestion ? check my capx:

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    movenment in firefox ok...on chrome no vertical movenemt

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  • Dev team I'm working with is having issues with the gamepad in the latest beta release.

    First, running the capx in Chrome, it wasn't detecting the gamepad at all. On gamepad connected triggers were not triggering. This happened for myself first and then also for my colleague many miles away from me.

    My colleague tried in Firefox and it didn't work at all. I don't have firefox installed so have not tested it in firefox.

    I closed chrome and re-opened the capx and then it WORKED. Not sure what was causing it not to work for both of us. My colleague did the same and it was working.

  • Yeah, I couldn't get it working. The browser supports it, it's just not recognizing it on FireFox. Can't share the CAPX but hope this is fixed soon.

  • update: with last nw.js + last C2 release...on firefox it works...on chrome no response :/

  • To all members: GAMPAD Info !...after testing and also asking who has puplished games on steam with C2 and pad...I have discovered that the best choice is a Xbox controller. It seems that with that one all is I suggest to put this infos also in the requirments...otherwise people can have bad surprises with a game that they can not play. this are my new infos 4 the C2 comunity. I bought a xbox 360 WIRED controler... and it works perfectly!

  • DoobieDoctor5000


    If you encounter issues/bug, please open a specific bug report.

    From the description/sound of it, your issues are not related to the current issue, so please consider filling a proper bug report.


    The Xbox360 controller is actually the one advised as mentioned in the Gamepad manual article.

    Always read the manual first.

    Also, for me, in firefox AND chrome it is not possible to control only the verticality of the movement. But in my opinion this is actually due to the fact you are using "0" as a limit in your events, not allowing for a deadzone in the usage of the pad.

    So if I move slightly/barely my stick towards the right or left, the target will move in that direction nonetheless.

    See this example using a deadzone and having a more acceptable movement/feeling in Chrome and FireFox alike.

    (using a XBox 360 controller to test with other standard USB but it should be fine nonetheless)

  • thanks 4 ur help

  • DoobieDoctor5000


    If you encounter issues/bug, please open a specific bug report.

    From the description/sound of it, your issues are not related to the current issue, so please consider filling a proper bug report.

    Sorry, it seemed like the same issue to us. If we have a chance we'll post a bug report.

  • I think he was talking to mariogamer. From the looks of it you and I are having a problem similar to the bug posted here.

  • DoobieDoctor5000: No I was talking to you and BBaller1337. Hence why I first used your nicknames and later used MarioGamer's nick when I was addressing him.

    From the sound of it, you and Baller share some issue, but the issue you post about is irrelevant to the issue posted in the first post of this topic.

    That's why you need to post your own bug report and not try to highjack others, especially when the issue is not the same, as per the bug report guidelines of this forum.

    The issue from the OP is an issue of axis not giving the same results in different browser.

    The issue you describe is not being able to recognise the gamepad at all in two different browsers. Different issues totally.

    Also my answer to Mariogamer was made using the latest beta, meaning I did not encounter any issue having my gamepad recognised in either FF or Chrome.

    So there is something lacking in the description of your issue to allow to correctly reproduce it.

    Again, please refer to the bug reporting guidelines and open your own topic.

  • My apologies. Sorry BBaller1337 for the misleading info I provided earlier. As a matter of fact it looks like I 100% derped in this case as mariogamer is OP. Yep sorry guys nothing to see here. Didn't mean to hijack, though. *runs away*

  • The .capx in the original report no longer works so this issue cannot be investigated further. Closing, please see the bug report guidelines.

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