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    In this example, if you jump using the keyboard, the boolean jump is set correctly and also the player jumps. If you use a gamepad, the player jumps but the boolean is not set to jump

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    If you press "W" the player jumps and the boolean "jump" is set to true. Same should happen if you press "A" on the gamepad

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    Observed Result

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    Jump boolean is not set to true

    Expected Result

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    Jump boolean should be set to true

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    Windows 8.1

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  • Closing as won't fix. The "On gamepad button pressed" trigger runs at a different time to the other conditions (due to the way the engine and underlying API works). When the gamepad button trigger event runs, it is immediately followed by the next event, which sets the "jump" variable to false again. The difference is whether the platform behavior gets to tick between the "simulate jump" action and the next event, which causes it to lift off the floor and makes "Platform is on floor" false.

    The "jump" flag is pointless anyway - it seems to try to do the same thing as the built-in "Is on floor" condition, which always correctly indicates the "jump" state even when using gamepad input.

  • Ok, so there is no way to do it with a gamepad?

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  • Why do you even need to solve this? Can't you just use the "is on floor" condition?

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