Game turns black and won't load after exporting?

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  • Hello,

    I've been having random/strange issues with my game not loading after exporting them. It happens on occasion, and now it's happened again after exporting an extremely simple test.

    The link is

    Firebug is also reporting the following errors on load:

    module is not defined

    ...ined"!=typeof navigator&&/webkit/i.test(navigator.userAgent)})("undefined"!=type...

    c2runtime.js (line 167)

    cr is not defined


    index.html (line 99)

    Any ideas?



    Also, the games always work in test builds on localhost, even when they don't work after exporting.

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  • It looks like you've written a third-party plugin that is not compatible with the Google Closure Compiler minifier. Have you read all the guidelines in the SDK documentation?

  • Hi Ashley,

    I haven't written any third party plugins, but I do have some plugins that I've downloaded from the plugins list on this forum.

    To be specific, my game uses the following plugins:

    • Button
    • Text box
    • Socket

    And that's it.

    I PMd you the project files in case you're interested.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • I think the Socket plugin is badly written and does not work with Closure Compiler (the minifier on export). You can work around it by not minifying the code on export, but unfortunately it's third party code and not our responsibility to fix - you could try contacting the plugin developer.

  • this same with me, i ve delected all third party plugins and the same black screen..... im crying.... days of work lost?? cant test online?? OMG....

  • : try to check for errors in browser when executing your project and see what kind of error may rise.

    Also see how to report bugs.

    Currently there are not enough informations for us to see what's going wrong.

  • Kyatric

    Hello guys.

    im going crazy, 4 months of intense work.... dozen of projects to test online, and... my surprise, im my first time to test a project online in dropbox...::

    Im taking a great problem here.;:

    so, when i export my projects to dropbox, any project, even space blaster for example, in public or shared folder, i just can see a fullscreen black and no more... with minefy script or no.. i cannot play my projects and test... online, on local preview by c2 its fine, but when i try in dropbox, no chance..

    Ive formated my hd, reinstalled windows,directx, all drivers, java, c2 whitout third party plugins.... and the same problem persists....

    i visited a tutorial to export projects to dropbox, did the same as..

    tried, a version r87, r89, r90 and r92 and nothing, just a blackscreen...

    its occur in i.e 8 here, firefox 12, and google chrome 19

    anybody have this problem too?

    [edit] when i click on get link, its goes to a page whit the entire code visible...

    so, my Os is seven 64 ultimate, geforce GTS450 + 9800GTX+(physics) 4 gb ram... AMD Phenom II 550 black edition...

    this img help?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • - it looks like you've uploaded to a private folder. If you follow how to upload your game to dropbox it notes how you need to upload to a public folder otherwise the game won't work. It still won't work if you upload to a private folder and get a public link for index.html, because it will only make index.html available and not any of the other many files required for the game to work. If you have further problems please link us to your exported project and start a new thread because I think the issue is different to the original one in this thread.

  • Ashley

    Thanks man. i ve tested and the games run ok... sorry by my mistakes.

    I didnot knew how important to get the public link in local sync folders in a public folder specific, .. can i get a private folder... shared with me and other person to protect the project:?

  • Public only means it can be shared, not that it is accessible to anyone publicly.

    If you don't share the public link to the folder, no one will be able to access it.

    As for sharing with specific people (using dropbox too) it can be done.

    Right click the folder you're willing to share, click "share the folder" and you'll be taken on dropbox's website where you'll be told the steps to follow.

  • Hey

    I'm having an issue, I made a web app for my iphone, on my computer, the game works fine however on my phone the html loading screen comes on, the bar goes to the end and stays on the screen. I debugged the web app and got an error:

    TypeError: Result of expression 'f' [null] is not an object.

    please reply. thanks

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