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  • Hello, I encounter a problem when I get my game to a server, I tested with two servers. When you run the game get stuck just past the prsentacion. The direction of the game

    The game works well in scirra arcade.

    Does this sound the error?

    Scirra games loaded on the same server does not give problems


  • Check for browser errors, and it shows this file is a 404. Did you forget to upload it?

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  • Hi, I'm back up all the server and the error continues, the chrome shop does not work?.

    In your server works fine.

    I'm lost, I happen to rename the file that gives problems ... but a compilation scirra automatically assigned to all elements of the game ...

    The upload file does not show any failed

    I kill all happened previously, change the music of the game to work, but now I have no idea.

    thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'm not sure I understand what you're saying... have you tried renaming the object with a name like "se%C3%B1alador_fuerza" in Construct 2 to something else (avoid accented characters), then exporting and uploading again?

  • Sorry for the English, is a translator. I will try to change the bullet item in the game to generate export to change the name to another type of variable? . I'm not sure that's the problem but proves.

    I find no other explanation, if the file exists but does not charge chrome browser?

    Can it be that your browser can not understand the format of the generated variable?

    When you have time proves it. It's a shame to have to work jeje .

    Thanks for your time.

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  • I see that the problem is that when the game is loaded into the browser, ask the following resource

    Cache Application Error event: Resource fetch failed (-1) 20the% 20apple/images/se% C3% B1alador_fuerza-sheet0.png.

    This resource does not exist in the game, when you check it before uploading to ftp.

    I emptied the browser cache but still trying to load a nonexistent image, the name of the current resource is energia-sheet0.png no B1alador_fuerza-sheet0.png.


  • There is an object in your game called se�alador_fuerza, which exports a file called se�alador_fuerza-sheet0.png. It's probably a character encoding problem with the server so it cannot understand the � character and thinks the file has a different name. Perhaps your server is set up wrong? Alternatively, renaming the object to not include an accented character may fix the problem.

  • thanks, that was the problem, "the variable with ?". Does not do you manage time for everything, thanks for your effort and product.

    Now works correctly on the server.

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