Game not working, working after deleting a backgnd

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  • Hey guys,

    In my game there is some functionality that's not working. I believe it is a Construct 2 bug.

    I can get a consistent repro like this:

    1. Game (with many layouts and many objects) does not work, i.e. clicking buttons in a certain order causes a button triggers not to fire any more, looks like game freezing

    2. Delete a background (which should not impact functionality whatsoever)

    3. Game starts working, i.e. clicking the buttons in the same order now fires the triggers.

    4. Add the background again, do the same actions again, game seems to freeze again.

    This is on both FF and Chrome, on IE it seems to work but the behavior is different as there are some AJAX calls that fail on IE. I cannot repro this on a clean project unfortunately, but it repros consistently on my real game project.

    I can send the capx and more details privately if anyone wants to have a look. I hope I'm wrong, but this looks like a bug that won't be easy to nail down.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If your game freezes whilst playing it, can you check for errors in the browser and paste them here?

    You can send the .capx to if you want me to look at it, but I think I'll need more detailed exact reproduction steps than what you've written.

  • Thanks Ashley, I sent you the capx with detailed repro steps and console errors.

  • Resolved by email, fixed in next release, closing.

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  • Thanks Ashley, that's great! Looking forward to the next build. In the meantime I'll try some workaround as you suggested by email.

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