Fx effect causing Seams and blurry graphics

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  • Hi,

    I have already searched the solution to this problem but it is not working so i think of it as a bug in construct 2.

    I have used both the solutions ashley posted as solutions in other forums...

    [Integer letterbox scale + pixel rounding +point sampling] and

    [linear sampling + pixel rounding + low quality scaling]

    but the problem seems to continue....

    Reproduce -

    i am using a 9patch object for background and have enabled fx effect(water) for that layer, and

    i think it is the problem with effects as the water ripples are causing the seams, also

    i have another layout with water effect on layer with buttons on it and buttons are getting little pixelated on edges when water ripple comes

    not visible in preview but after export with cocoon webview+ in apk it is visible on mobile device.

    These images will explain all...




    I dont know if it is really a bug or it can be solved? it has been two weeks & i cannot find a solution,please help!!!

    PS: I think effects are also causing huge lag in the game despite i used them wisely (in limited amount) Pleasee help!!!!

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  • Your bug report follows none of the Bug Report Requirements so is unlikely to be investigated, and will likely be closed automatically. The bug report template is there for a reason.

    It is not possible to diagnose problems from images - a .capx is essential, as is precise steps to show the problem.

  • zenox98

    I dont know if it is bug report and capx is really big file with lots of functions in it, my problem is lag and seams with fx effects used in the project , i dont know where to ask for a solution for this problem thats why i posted it here ,

    also i have already posted links to image showing the problem,

    The apk is showing seams due to fx effects used ,its as simple as that!!!

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