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  • Pardon my burst of bugs, but I'm doing an extensive testing on mobile today. To the chase, when you have a window size set larger than mobile screen resolution, everything scales down just fine, but if you have window of a size that is smaller than the mobile screen resolution, canvas displays screen in a 100% scale not enlarging the window. this also works in preview, in appmobi emulator, so the bug is visible only when installed on mobile (android, nexus one, appmobi export). cheers!

  • update, actually the whole scaling modes went wrong after the recent updates, I think there's some kind of a problem with canvas sizing in html, as in resizes the canvas to a slighly larger area than it should, but again ONLY on a mobile, in the preview and in appmobi emulator it seems fine. android nexus one, appmobi export.

    here's what's going on:


    and here's the capx:


    to my knowledge, the white margins should be on all sides, in both portrait (big margins on top and bottom, small on left and right) and landscape (small on all sides) as the project is in landscape and has proportsions similar to the mobile screen.

    also shinkan got the dropbox working without installing it, thanks! :)

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  • update: of course this happens only when using minifyer. again :) i personally think the minifyer itself caused c2 developers so much problem that it's a functionality that I would be happy to see ditched. but of course that's just my opinion :)

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