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  • Hello peoples,

    I am trying to get Construct 2 running on my school computers. When I try to run it, Construct crashes. I have checked all of the drivers and they are up to date. I am trying to run it from a pen drive. Does anybody have a suggestion as to what I could try to fix this problem?


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  • I think there may be a problem with the start page which is rendered using the system built-in version of Internet Explorer. Could you try updating the system's Internet Explorer to the latest version? It's 8 on XP and 9 on Vista and up. Also it would be good to make sure the system is fully patched with all patches available on Windows Update.

    If that still doesn't work you could try disabling the start page completely. Try setting the registry key 'HideStartPage' to the DWORD 1 in:


    Does that help?

  • Thanks Ashley, will try that.

    For some extra information, I get to the start page then it says "Construct 2 has stopped working..."

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