fixed / bug with collision family r95

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    im having this strange bug whenever an object hits a member of a family

    thing is, i cant recreate it and im using a couple of external plugins, but dont know what to do now

  • scrap that, i was using objects that were saved in json, but the new variables were not in them, therefore the error

  • It should not normally be possible for this error to occur. Was it a broken third party plugin? Can you explain a bit more what was going wrong? I might still be able to make a change to prevent anyone else having this problem.

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  • im using spritebank plugin to save my sprite pos, angle, vars...

    i exported the json from all this to a file that gets loaded when start of layout

    later on i created a new variable for this family and made a collision event that changed that var, then i got this error (on collision)

    because spritebank loaded the json from sprites that didnt have this variable i got this error,

    the solution was delete the old json string and save with the new objects

    does this make sense?

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