[FIXED] animation speed issue

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  • I have a sprite with 4 animations: StopL, StopR, WalkL, WalkR

    WalkL and WalkR - speed: 10, loop: yes

    StopL and StopR - speed: 5, loop: no

    If i set

    On right arrow pressed/hold - sprite set animation to "WalkR"

    On right arrow released - sprite set animation to "StopR"

    i got a small delay between animations. After releasing a button i can still see walking animation for about half a second before it changes to stop anim..

    Only when i set same speed and same loop for every animation of my sprite it looks almost fine - still small delay is visible :/

    Theres only one sprite and keyboard object in the layout - rest is default without any changes from new project.

    unfortunetly i can't post my project file on my current internet connection :(

  • Can you make a new .capx that reproduces it and post that?

  • anim.capx

    when i relese left or right arrow key "walk" animantion is showing last frame for half a second (?) and only after it goes to "stop" anim.

    IE9 btw

  • ok that was not funny, i pressed save as to one capx file - original project was start as a "Project Folder" and now i got this message


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Cannot find project file for animation frame

    Condition: FileExists(GetProjectPath().c_str())

    File: Projects\AnimationFrame.cpp

    Line: 186

    Function: void __cdecl AnimationFrame::Load(const class std::basic_string<wchar_t,struct std::char_traits<wchar_t>,class std::allocator<wchar_t> > &)

    Build: release 51.2 (64-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 3)

    You are using a 'checked' release of Construct 2, intended for testing, which causes certain errors to be reported this way. Hit Ctrl+C to copy this messagebox - it's useful information for the developers, so please include it with any bug reports! Click 'Abort' to quit (unsaved data will be lost!),'Retry' to turn off messages for this session and continue, or 'Ignore' to continue normally.


    Przerwij   Pon?w pr?b?   Ignoruj   


    and all animations and events i made have been removed, basically i just lost my entire project :(

  • The original animation bug you reported is fixed in the next build... but...

    ok that was not funny, i pressed save as to one capx file - original project was start as a "Project Folder" and now i got this message

    Yikes! I just tried that with the Space Blaster project - it's a folder project and I saved it to a .capx file - and both were working just fine afterwards. Can you remember what you were doing before that happened and the exact sequence of saving and then opening? Obviously that's something we urgently want to fix!

  • Nothing at all :(.

    Opened up my *.caproj file from my project folder and hit "Save as single file".

    It did save as a one file (link is posted above) but it's not the same project - realized that after posting it. No idea why it happens but while saving it removes 4 more animations for that sprite (images from Animation/Sprite folder in my project folder was also removed from hdd).

    it's not a big deal, can always creat project from scratch again, but for C2 it's a serious bug, please have a look at that.

    one more thing, i've noticed that in C2 r 51 and r51.2 sometimes i cannot run layout in browser (IE9) - browser opens up and trying to load something but got only white screen - can't reproduce it cause it seems random, only restarting C2 fix that.

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  • I'm still investigating the project loss issue (hope you're keeping backups for now!), but can you check r52 to verify the animation issue is fixed?

  • yes, animations work perfect now!

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