Firefox Mobile crashes with Textbox

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Run layout over LAN.

    2. Type into Textbox

    3.A. Begin to type in Textbox

    and if that worked (sometimes does, sometimes not)

    3.B. Press the phone's Back button to remove keyboard

    Observed result:

    FF Mobile crashes.

    Expected result:

    To be able to type in Textbox and remove the keyboard when done.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: No, v26.0.1410.58

    Firefox: Yes, v 22.0

    Internet Explorer: unknown

    Operating system & service pack:

    Android 2.3.6 and Android 4.2.2

    Construct 2 version: Release 139 (64-bit)

  • Once again, can't reproduce.

    In Android 4.2.2, with FF 22, all works as intended. No crash.

    What is your OS ?

    Maybe you're having issues with the preview server.

    You might want to consider a complete format/new install of your OS.

  • Have you tried it with FF 22?

    My box is running Windows 7 64-bit, with all updates recently completed :) and preview running fine on desktop with Chrome, FF, and IE.

    With my handset running Android 4.2.2 it all works good in Chrome.

    With my handset running Android 2.3.6 it all works good with the stock browser [Chrome is not supported for this Android version].

  • update: I exported the project to make sure it wasn't something to do with the preview server on my system:

    It still crashes FF 22 and still works fine in Chrome.

    Another problem though, the formatting is all different from the preview in Chrome. Here however I'm not at all sure if I did the export wrong or some such thing as this was my first time doing it.

  • I meant FF 22.

    I've just tried again with your export, and no problem on my part.

    Try to uninstall/reinstall FF on your device, once again it shouldn't crash the browser anyway.

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  • Kyatric, I just did three complete FF uninstall/reinstalls, and this is what happened:

    I.First uninstall/reinstall

    1. I was able to use the text box 1x exactly like so:

    a. Tap the text box

    b. Type in the text box

    c. Tapped hardware Back button to remove keyboard

    d. Press project Cancel button to clear Textbox contents

    = All good

    2. I repeated the same #1 and:

    FF crashed when I tapped hardware Back butto to remove the keyboard,ie. 1.c.

    II. Second uninstall/reinstall

    3. I repeated the same as I.1. and:

    FF crashed as soon as I typed in the Textbox, ie.1.b.

    III. Third uninstall/reinstall

    4. I repeated the same as I.1. and:

    FF crashed as soon as I typed in the Textbox, ie.1.b.

    The project was exported and I ran the above when I was Not on my home WiFi network.

    Given that this is happening with two different handsets running different versions of Android, do you still think it could have anything to do with my PC or my LAN?

    Could you do me a favour and try the exported index.html project again doing the same I did in #1 & repeating the procedure 2x or 3x?

  • Everything works as intended for me. I can use/cancel/reuse the textbox as much as I want. No problem at all.

    Are you sure you uninstalled C2's previous version while installing the new one ?

    What are your devices ?

    What was the previous version you were using ?

    Are you sure your devices are up to date ?

    And what OS on your desktop computer for when you're previewing ?

  • Cannot reproduce on Firefox Beta for Android on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.2). Besides, if the browser itself crashes, it is a Firefox bug and not a Construct 2 bug, so you should report it to Mozilla. Closing.

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