Firefox 36.0 crash

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  • Problem Description

    There is a memory problem in Firefox 36 that causes the applications to crash/freeze. I understand that this may not be a Construct 2 bug per se, but Construct 2 is unusable on the current Firefox version. Report is from a non-programmer.

    Demo Apps that CrashSteps to Reproduce Bug

    • Update Firefox to 36.0
    • Load a game in firefox (see above)
    • Interact with the game, the quick you interact the quicker you will run into memory problems

    Observed Result

    Memory spikes up and down and ultimately reaches a point where the application is unusable. For me that is around 3,000,000 K.

    Expected Result

    Not the above.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Service Pack 1

    Construct 2 Version ID


    Edit: Links removed

    I have integrated graphics, but I have been able to recreate on a desktop computer. Keep task manager open on the processes tab while you interact with the games above. Watch the Firefox process.

  • This won't get investigated unless you provide a .capx demo or at least a link to a working game. Please add some links. For anti-spam reasons the forum has removed links due to your low rep, so just post them again without the http:// or parts.

  • Updated with links

  • I'm using FF36 and whilst mine didn't crash, you could definitely see the memory increase dramatically.

    Mine reached over 5GB at one point (your second link) and caused quite a long freeze when trying to close the tab with the game on. During the game, running just on title screen, memory would rise steadily to near 5GB, then drop to just less than 2GB, before repeating the cycle.

    Not really sure what to make of it.


    Just tested one of my old games - ManicMiner clone - and it freezes when memory peaks at 4.3GB, so I'd say FF36 is definitely mashed.

  • Crash might not be the correct word.

    Its bizarre. I know for a fact that the issue didn't happen on any of the versions of Firefox 35. Before posting the bug, we recreated the issue on a desktop PC (with a graphics card to check integrated graphics). Before upgrading, the game ran fine. After upgrading we started getting the memory peaks.

  • Only way to truly test is to uninstall FF36 and D/L a previous build.

    If the memory issue goes, then it's a FF 36 bug and therefore not a C2 bug.

    Unfortunately, I'm not in a position do test out this at the moment.


    Tested in IE and Node-Webkit and everything fine, so def not a C2 bug (latest C2 beta build r198).

    Also tested the very latest beta 337b1, and it still has the problem.

    Final Edit:

    Just re-installed build 35.01 and memory use is back to normal - rock solid with no incremental increase.

    Mozilla have really mucked up here somewhere. I've submitted a report and a link to Scirras perf test url.


    Not a bug, unless Moz made a change that broke C2, but not good either.

    FF 36.0 onwards is useless for C2 as it stands.

  • I can't reproduce in Firefox Nightly: sbperftest stays steady at around 100mb usage.

    Please do not refer to arcade games in bug reports, they all use old versions of the C2 engine and many are broken due to Chrome's web audio change. As per the guidelines you should always provide a .capx.

    Since it works here in Nightly it may mean Mozilla already fixed the issue. Try testing Nightly and see if there's still a problem.

  • Ashley

    I can confirm that nightly build has fixed the memory issue.

  • Agreed, resolved.

  • DABest

    An automatic FF update to 36.01 has fixed the memory problem.

    Nice one Moz.

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  • I saw this as well. Thank you for the help.

  • Closing as fixed by Mozilla.

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