File crash after renaming sprite

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  • After renaming several sprites names, the game became crashed.

    You can't even normally open the .capx file.

    After opening the crashed file,there are many error messages, running it's layout,

    the canvas is totally dark.

    One of my animated sprite lost on this crash, though it animated fine before renaming.

    This animated sprite is named "bird", you can see it only on event sheet.

    Renaming makes sprites lost, it's twice for me, however, total crash is first.

    <Download>Crashed capx file

    The renamed objects are: path, pathfinder, bird.

    By the way, I've deleted 2 objects before the renaming.

    (By the way, Renaming the parts of bonebehavior in C1 must cause bonebehavior error,

    delete first bone animation frame must cause the application close. -- Classic r1.2)


    C2version: r53 ( but I've checked r54,r55 changelog)

    sys: Windows XP

    graphic card: ATI 4600

    browser: Chrome

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  • We fixed some project corruption bugs in r54! Construct 2 is beta software, you should really stay up to date with the latest version!

    I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do - we only support bugs in the latest build of Construct 2, because otherwise we can't tell if the problem is already fixed!

    I've managed to recover most of your project though - download here, then please upgrade to the latest release right away. The project is mostly intact but I'm afraid the "Bird01", "PathMark" and "Splash_Hit" objects lost their images - these objects are now transparent (no texture).

  • I hae a big problem: when i click on "sprite" i receive this message: "CD3DDisplay

    this is a bug, please report it!"

    Somebody help me, I need to use this program this week!

    Thanks.. Franco Martino

  • Ffranco

    You've posted in the wrong section - this is for 'Closed' bugs.

    Either post in the Construct 2 Bugs section or the How Do I section, or people won't notice.

    Also, give as much information as you can.

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