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  • Not for sure what to say about this one.

    Construct 2 r87 beta

    Firefox 12

    This same project built in an older version of Construct 2 returns the following error.

    Error: a is nullSource File: localhost/Physics_behavior.jsLine: 224

    Looks like it has something to do with the Box2dWeb physics.


  • I cannot reproduce any problem or error in either Firefox 12 or Chrome 18 in r87. Please see how to report bugs, you should include the exact steps to reproduce the problem.

    If the problem is that a r87 project doesn't work when re-imported to an old build, what are you hoping that we would do about it? We've already fixed the old build... it's called r87 :)

  • R87 doesn't produce an error message, it just deletes all objects from the canvas when it's only suppose to delete one object. Pretty serious bug if you ask me. I simply tried to build the exact same project on an older version of construct to see if the bug was a new one before submitting the bug report to make your life easier. An older version of construct simply locks up and reports the error mentioned.

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  • Ah, I see. Importing to r87 is not a bug we will fix because we don't support importing new projects in to old releases, wasn't there an error message that prevented you doing that? On the other hand the wrong objects being destroyed was a bug, and that should be fixed in the next release.

  • I didn't import anything into an older version of construct. I found the bug in the newest version and just rebuilt a brand new test project in an older version of construct to see if the bug was there or if it was a new bug that had been introduced with r87.

    I simply did a little more homework so you would know if it was an old bug or a new bug that had just popped up. Seems it was an old bug since it also happened in an older version. But the older version gave an error message so I wanted you to have that info too so maybe it would be easier for you to find the problem. Sometimes I don't express myself very well through text.

    "On the other hand the wrong objects being destroyed was a bug" < this was the bug all along and what I was trying to say. Nothing more.

    Btw, I think Construct 2 and it's team are excellent. I'll try to express myself better in the future.

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