Failure To Load After Exporting To HTML 5

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  • Update: fixed, or rather not, there was no problem, I am an idiot. :) Please remove if possible/needed.



    Hi all,

    First thanks for making Construct 2 - it's a great project. After having not made a game ever before, I've managed to put together a fun prototype in a couple of weeks.

    Unfortunately, I'm having problems exporting the game to HTML5. I go through the process successfully, but when I try to run the game it fails to load and the screen just stays black and blank.

    Having looked at the developer tools I can see it's failing to load:


    But I'm not sure why - sorry, I'm not hugely technical.

    I'm running the latest version of Chrome with extensions disabled. I've installed Java 64 Bit, updated my graphics drivers and my version of Construct to the latest build.

    If I try and preview the game, or even export to a .exe with the experimental Windows exporter, it works. The game even runs - albeit poorly, with dodgy graphics - in Internet Explorer. But not in Chrome.

    Any ideas? Can anyone replicate the issue?



  • Are you running it from your computer? You can't run an exported HTML game from the desktop, it has to be run from a web server.

    See this tutorial for more info:

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  • Thanks. I am an idiot. Takedown request?

  • No problem <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> it's not that bad to think it could be run from the desktop, since that's pretty much what the .EXE wrapper does. As far as I know the problem is the browsers don't allow javascript to run locally for security reasons.

    And you probably want others to be able to play your web game, so you're going to need a host at some point anyway.

    Dropbox is my recommendation as a free start-up option, providing they still offer the "Public Folder". (they planned on removing it)

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