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  • Failed to open project \\?\ C:\ Users\ Dell \ AppDataNLocal \ Temp\ cap2L7TT4 \New project.caproj':

    Collision polygon has less than 3 points Under element: c2project \ object-folder \ object-type \ animation-folder animation frame \ collision-poly Line 7564, column 25

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (projects are saved in XML format).

    Idk what caused it. I remember yesterday I was trying to insert a new sprite object and it said something like could not find resource or something. And today I cannot open the project.

    Any advice to fix it?

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  • Can you remember how to reproduce this problem? Are you using the latest release of Construct 2 (r103.2)?

    You can fix it though if you rename the .capx to zip, extract it, and open and edit the 'New project.caproj' at the line number it indicates. Make sure there are at least 3 points in the poly.

  • I did that and now When I open the new capx file CS2 crashes.I am using CS2 R103.2

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

    Application Name:     Construct2.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:     5051e3db

    Fault Module Name:     Construct2.exe

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp:     5051e3db

    Exception Code:     40000015

    Exception Offset:     00000000003febf1

    OS Version:     6.1.7600.

    Locale ID:     1033

    Additional Information 1:     6ef0

    Additional Information 2:     6ef0a6f16e41608b8d9660e337406dd9

    Additional Information 3:     3096

    Additional Information 4:     3096ac046611f9ee3df7ba5fa63a31de

  • Best share your project so we can help recover it. You must've made a mistake...

  • You recovered the project properly, but didn't zip it back to a .capx properly (you should not zip the containing folder, just the files inside the directory). Just use 'save as single file' from Construct 2 in future since it handles all that for you. Rename that .capx to .zip again and you can open the .caproj inside just fine, otherwise use the working capx that I recovered.

  • I can't use your capx file because R104 hasn't been released to us yet lol

  • Is there any way you could save it under CS2 r103.2? I am still having problems getting mine to work.

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