Failed to Build Project Using IAP as Stated in Tutorial

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  • Problem Description

    I aim to allow users to unlock features in my app via in-app-purchasing. The problem arises when I use Intel XDK to build the project. I get the following build log:

    • Building a Cordova 5.4.1 application.
    • Using platform cordova-android 5.0.0.
    • The application name is "TestIAP"
    • The package name is "com.jason.testiap"
    • Preference android-signed set to true. Application will be signed.
    • Using Crosswalk Embedded 16
    • Plugin "com.smartmobilesoftware.androidinappbilling" (3.0.2) installed.
    • Plugin "cordova-plugin-whitelist" (1.2.1) installed.
    • Error: Plugin cc.fovea.cordova.purchase failed to install.
    • Error: Plugin com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling failed to install.
    • Plugin "cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview" (1.5.0) installed.

    I followed this tutorial ... ge-6#h2a23 in particular the section on 'Our IAPs in Intel XDK', where I use as the Git repo.

    Attach a Capx ... _test.capx

    Description of Capx

    You have to click on Buy and the text will change from Locked = 1 to Locked = 0. IAP is used to ensure the app is purchased to get to a Locked value of 0 (false).

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open up Intel XDK
    • Set up the CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS for Android; Plugin Management, and Build Settings.
    • Set up a Google Play Developer Console application and obtain the IN-APP BILLING Key to use in Intel XDK as mentioned in the tutorial.
    • Build the project and you will get the build errors.

    Observed Result

    Build Errors as mentioned in the Problem Description.

    Expected Result

    The build log to be error free and the Build to successful.

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    • Intel XDK is running on Mac OSX Yosemite.
    • Construct 2 running on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. version 6.1 service pack 1.

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 227 (64-Bit)

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  • It's extremely difficult to get a clear, centralized answer from anybody on this. I grabbed cranberrygame's Construct 2 package that includes his IAP plugin, and that one seems to give me issues just as you've described above.

    What are we missing? cranberrygame ... ayment-iap

  • jbar6381


    Tested ... ayment-iap

    Cordova build success (test xdk and


    Sang Ki Kwon

  • The Cranberry IAP plugin doesn't work. If I have a button that does Request Store listing and purchase product, or a button that request listing and restore purchase, both crash the game with touched.

    I tried with on start of layout add product and request store listing. with a button that all it does it purchase product...and clicking it did nothing. I did on start of layout Add product request store listing. then the button that does purchase product, nothing else. clicking the button did nothing.

  • Phoenixbowman - this issue is several months old and appears to relate to a build error with the Intel XDK. I think this must be resolved as per cranberrygame's message and the fact there have been no subsequent reports (plus this type of issue is up to Intel to fix anyway). If you have a different issue not related to a build error, please file a new report following all the guidelines.

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