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  • Problem Description

    When using Facebook prompt to share app, the button to post appears behind HTML elements despite reducing z-index level of all HTML items to zero. Could it be the ad being served by Ad4game.com is higher z-index?

    Observed Result

    Post button of FB pop up appears behind ad.

    Click this link to see full image - ad covering FB window is on right sidehttp://larrynocella.com/images/capture.png

    Operating System and Service Pack


    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 217 64-bit

  • Okay so I'm not sure if this issue I've raised qualifies as a bug but if anyone else if having this issue a quick solution i found is to take off the width restriction on the FB canvas. this then expands the space so the ads justify left and right to the max. the FB pop up is then no longer obscured. not ideal solution because of all the empty space.... but it works. rock on scirra!

  • I guess Ad4game.com is displaying an ad from a third-party plugin/addon? As per the guidelines, we do not accept bug reports that don't include a .capx or depend on third party plugins, so closing.

  • Thanks for taking the time and my apologies for improper bug submission. I'll do better next time.

    As for this issue my work-around was to simply expand the FB canvas so that the ads and FB window don't overlap at all.

    Scirra rocks!

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  • also just noticed if the user selects full screen the FB canvas expands and the windows easily line up. thanks

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