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  • Ok so design a layout set for ipad 3 i.e. 2048x1536

    Add a sprite of an image of my character, no animations, no additional frames, lets call him character1

    Next add a different image character as a different sprite, only this time open it up and add a second animation frame, the animation doesnt need to be playing, just set speed to 0 and you'll get the same result. Lets call this one character2

    run it from c2.....result.....the whole thing is resized down (using fullscreen scale mode) and both the characters look great!

    Export it to html5, run it via the browser, character1 looks great, character2 looks blurry

    looking in the exported files we can see that character1 is exported as a singe image but character2 is exported as a spritesheet, presumably because it has the extra frame

    Something must be going wrong in the creation of the sprite sheet as when being scaled down the quality of the image goes real bad, where as scaling character1 down its fine

    When im talking about scaling down i mean like it was created for 2048 for ipad 2 but my monitor is not 2048 wide so everything is obviously scaled

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  • Please see How to report bugs. You need to attach a .capx of your project so I can see what you are describing; it may be subjective or only occur with the particular artwork you are using.

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