Export bug when project has a video in it

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  • Hi guys,

    I've made a fan-website for the indie game Project zomboid with Construct 2 latest stable version (I know, construct 2 is not for this purpose, but i did this website in about 3 hours)

    I wanted a scrollbar so i've made it with "fullscreen in browser" off, and i put a video on the first page (with the video plugin and next, with the HTMLdiv plugin)

    But when exported, when there is the video on the screen, the scrollbar is 2 time too long. And when i go somewhere else, the scrollbar return to normal. It's work perfectly when it's in preview mode.

    My project was made in 2 pages (one french and one english) it's only a matter of visibility/invisibility for the differents rubrics

    Project Zomboid Website

    It's maybe a bit long to load... but hey, we can make website with construct 2 !

    ps: I made the video.

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  • The Video and HTMLDiv plugins are third party plugins and are not developed by us. I'm afraid we cannot support them - this forum is for reporting bugs in Construct 2 official features only. You should report the bugs to the relevant plugin developers.

  • Sorry, i thought it was a bug from Construct 2 because i used 2 completely different third party plugin and because the bug had come after export. but i will.

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