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  • r84

    win 7 64b (current)

    firefox (current update)

    internet explorer (current update)

    fresh installs of all four

    when running through the c2 firefox crashes

    (annoying that i have to swich my default browser which is important to other programs and that it can only be run through a browser)

    when i run it in ie ive noticed that it opens in a new tab (i do have open in tabs on in ie but i feel that is an issue if it opens a new window from an already open one) if this tab is closed and then the project is updated and ran again where it opens as a tab in the same window as before it will not run the updated version but the first version opened instead and the only way around this is to close the winow between these features i cant have a browser open at all if i want to run the project

    so when i actualy do get any of my projects to run visualy they will appear and all behaviors will work but no events work (i was using an "if two specific objects collide destroy one" and a "every tick point an object at the pllayer" events)

    now since everything is a fresh instal and the projects are extremely basic platformers i saw no reall reason to uplaod one because it is clearly not the projects

    also since i put this problem up elsewhere on the forums with no anwser to the problems it seems that this wont be fixed anytime soon so with respect to (from my experiences so far the vastly superior) construct 1 i will check back between 6 months and 2 years from now to see if anything has changed for the better so until then there will be no point in responding in the forums to this as i probably will never see it


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  • I'm afraid you haven't provided us with quite enough information to be able to do anything about the problems you've reported.

    First of all if something isn't working in the browser, could you check for browser errors and let us know if anything came up there?

    Secondly, if events do not work in general, could you make a simple one-event project and upload the .capx file? This will help us see if you've done anything differently which might be breaking it.

    Finally, I'm afraid if Firefox crashes that's a problem with Firefox and we can't do anything about it - you'll need to report the problem to Mozilla. Have you tried Chrome by any chance?

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