Error when saving changes to network drive

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  • Hello,

    I may have discovered a potential Construct 2 bug that occurs when saving changes to a project that has been created on a network drive.

    Here's how I reproduce it.

    1) Create a new project with "Use a project folder" and save that project to a folder on a network drive under "My Computer."

    2) After creating the project, make some changes to it and and save those changes (just to show that saving is possible in this state.)

    3) Close the project.

    4) Open the project again by double-clicking on the project file in your network folder.

    5) Make a change.

    6) Save it.

    You are now prompted with the following message:

    Error saving project 'mycrazygame' - the project has NOT been saved to disk.

    We apologise for any loss of work. You may want to report this issue to Scirra.

    Message: Failed to move .caproj.tmp to .caproj

    File: \\?\\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\myfolder\c2\mycrazygame\mycrazygame.caproj.tmp

    Is this an issue you're familiar with?

    Also for the record I'm running Construct 2 on a virtualized Windows 7 64-bit guest machine under OSX using VMware Fusion 4, and the network drive in question that I'm trying to save my project to is actually a shared folder between the host and guest machine.


  • Oops - I never checked if saving to network drives worked. Turns out it didn't! Should be fixed for the next build, thanks for the find.

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  • <img src="" border="0" />

    And that's the end of that chapter.

  • Sorry to re-open this chapter, but I updated my version to r90 and still can't save to a network drive.

    Actually, that's not true. I CAN save to a mapped network drive, but I can't save to a network path directly (e.g. \\server\share\private\steved)

    -- steve

  • steved - it's fixed in the next version which is not released yet. r93 beta should be out soon.

  • So, I was about to post a new thread but I noticed this one. I'm not sure it's exactly the same problem; the drive I'm trying to save to is local, but the error message I'm getting is identical.

  • Sarrin

    Please don't post in the closed bug section, especially in a thread that is 4 years old.

    Please post a new bug report, ensuring you follow ALL of the Bug Reporting Requirements.

  • Oh, I was going to if the problem happened again today; I just figured I'd post here to point out the similarity, as my searches suggest no one has been complaining of that specific error message recently. I understand if that doesn't help though; I'll avoid drawing such parallels in the future and treat each problem as brand new.

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