Error when moving to different layouts

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Press space and arrow keys to get to the main game.

    2. Press Q to end the game immediately.

    3. Press Space to restart the game.

    4. Repeat the step 2 and 3.

    Observed result:

    As you repeat step 2 and 3, you will notice on the 2nd play through, the score and high score will disappear after a second. And they will appear on the game layout itself on the next game replay.

    As you repeat step 2 and 3 a few more times, there will random graphical changes, like white screen, sprites appearing at wrong layout.

    Expected result:

    Expected the score, highscore to stay on the gameover layout. It works for the 1st time but not subsequent replay.

    I am not sure if I did the events wrongly or the naming of items have any conflicts on different layouts.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7 SP1

    Construct 2 version:


  • Looks like a similar issue ,

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  • Please see how to report bugs. There are too many events in this project for me to be able to tell in a reasonable amount of time that this is not just a mistake in your events and C2 is doing everything you tell it correctly. Can you reproduce this in a fresh project?

  • Hi Ashley,

    I redid with a new project, copied all the same events and sprites over. However the problem doesn't appear again. Kind of strange though.

    Thanks for the replies. Still not too sure what went wrong in the process.

  • Closing on the assumption this is a mistake in events rather than a C2 bug, since it did not repro in a new project.

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