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  • i got the following message box when opening a closed layout

    few times on retry opened it but not as it was

    i just closed it and opened it again and was ok.


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Setting a texture that has not yet been loaded - ensure textures loaded before being set

    Condition: false

    File: Projects\ObjectTexture.cpp

    Line: 412

    Function: void __thiscall ObjectTexture::GLSetTexture(class cr::GLRenderer *)

    Build: release 75 (32-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 0)

    You are using a 'checked' release of Construct 2, intended for testing, which causes certain errors to be reported this way. Hit Ctrl+C to copy this messagebox - it's useful information for the developers, so please include it with any bug reports! Click 'Abort' to quit (unsaved data will be lost!),'Retry' to turn off messages for this session and continue, or 'Ignore' to continue normally.


    ???   ??? ????   ?????   


  • Please post the capx that made you have this check failure as well as the precise steps to reproduce the bug.

  • sorry I deleted it :(

    i'll try to reproduce it and post if I succeed

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  • Please see how to report bugs, we usually cannot do anything about bugs without a .capx file.

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