Error while Loading Game (img_.onerror c2runtime.js:4593)

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  • Problem Description :

    The loader layout of my game stuck on loader layout in some mobiles(you can say below snapdragon 636). After ashley's suggestion i did remote debugging i found that there are multiple errors(253) logged in console when loader layout progress freezes, they all talk about the same error given below -

    Example: "Error loading image 'file:///android_asset/www/images/tiled_background6.png': Event

    img_.onerror c2runtime.js:4593"

    Here is a screenshot of the logged errors -

    Note: I tried again after removing cocoon plugins but result was the same, just the errors were reduced from 253 to 249.

    Note 2:Everything works fine when tested with Nokia 6.1 plus and no errors were logged! Just the performance was a little low.

    Description of Capx : I cannot share the capx as it is a large game and because it is only stuck when game is large as i have made small games and never experienced it. i also have tested without third party plugins and it still stucks.

    Expected Result : Smooth game loading (it is alright in devices over snapdragon 636)

    Affected Browsers : All works fine on PC browsers, only stucks in mobiles

    Operating System and Service Pack : Win10

    Construct 2 Version ID : Latest

  • We can't help unless you provide a sample project and steps to reproduce.

  • I cannot post my game file, it only happens in mobile phones not having a very fast processor, I tried but i couldn't reproduce it, as far as i have understood it happens when large number of images (~600) are to be loaded and the processor of the mobile is old or slow.

    If it is not a bug then can you please tell me the reasons for which the "error loading image" could have happened.

    I thought it was due to large image size and memory running out so i reduced the image sizes (to 512*512 max) but no luck it still stucks.

    Only if you could tell me some troubleshooting advice or reasons i can then do some troubleshooting myself and post back the solution.

    Thank you

  • See the FAQ in the bug report guidelines.

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  • Ok Thanks!

    But you should know that the problem goes away when the game is compiled with webview + or canvas+ or intel crosswalk OR in case the test device is new. So i don't think eliminating events or objects from within the game would come up with any solution for the image loading error!

    But if this is the only way then i would try my best to find the root cause, although it would be very helpful if i had a little knowledge about why image loading error happens!

    Thank you

  • Ashley I did the elimination today and found that the error doesn't goes away until i remove every single object (image) that is showing error from the project.this confirms that it is not due to any of the events in the project.

    And i tried but wasn't able to replicate the error by jist using one of those objects in the project.

    Please tell me what should i do now???....

  • Hi,

    Did you solve the problem?

  • No, I am unable to solve it. Its out of my control as many games made with C3 crashes without any possible reason on low & medium budget device.

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