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  • My name is Adrian, I'm from Spain and I have an urgent query.

    I translate the text from google.

    I have the free version of Construct 2 and e developed an application for Chrome.

    I paid the license dearrollador $ 5 this morning.

    All right.

    I upload my application to the Chrome Web Store, but when trying to price tells me the following message:

    The free trials are not yet available for packaged applications.

    What happens?

    I pay my cutoa as developer this morning.

    I tried to contact google and there is no way a response from you.

    Do you have to do something that my application has been created with the free version that does not Construct2 or relationship?

    With the free version of Construct 2 also can market an application?

    Please I need urgent help.

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  • Exporting to the Chrome Web Store is supported in the Free edition. I don't understand the error message, could you try to explain it better?

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