Ejecta Export for iPhone and Screen size issues

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  • [attachment=0:1who22gj][/attachment:1who22gj]Problem Description

    C2 game of aspect ratio 16:9 ( window size used in C2 is - 848 by 477 matching that of iPhone 5/6/6+) made in

    landscape mode. When this game is exported using Ejecta, then on iPhone5 and iPhone6 the app doesn't scale up full screen. There is a big black border all round the app. Please see the attached screenshots wherein I have attached the simulator screenshots from iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus. iPhone5,IPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus - all of them have an aspect ratio of 16:9. I have made my C2 file also in the same aspect ratio. However, as could be observed from the screenshots - In iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, the app somehow doesn't scale up to full screen. Only in iPhone 6 plus it does strangely!

    Attach a Capx

    Any sample capx file with 848 by 477 ( or any 16:9) aspect ratio window size. It doesn't matter if WebGL is ON or OFF.

    Description of Capx

    Any sample capx file with 848 by 477 ( or any 16:9) aspect ratio window size. It doesn't matter if WebGL is ON or OFF.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Export the capx file for Ejecta
    • Run the file in Xcode simulator
    • Step 3 etc.

    Observed Result

    Please see the attached screenshots where black border appears for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. It does not appear on iPhone 6 plus

    Expected Result

    The app should have filled the screen in all cases.

    Affected Browsers

    • iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Operating System and Service Pack iOS Construct 2 Version ID r184 stable
  • Have you tested r189? Are you sure this is not an Ejecta bug if it works correctly on other platforms?

    I'd recommend migrating to Cordova as soon as you can anyway, since we are planning to drop support for non-browser engines soon, in part because bugs in engines that are not real browsers can be very difficult to deal with.

    Please also attach a .capx, it is mandatory for bug reports. For example, the screenshots you post could in fact be the correct result if you have chosen letterbox integer fullscreen mode.

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  • Thanks ASHLEY. Appreciate your response. I didn't test it using r189. Will do that and let you know by my tomorrow.

    wrt Cordova, I appreciate any pointer to a good tutorial that I can follow to export to iOS. Thanks a lot.

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