Edit Font Properties Crashes C2

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Doesn't make a difference - any project.

    Steps to reproduce:

    0. Game memory is just over 10mb

    1. Editing object type text font via properties window.

    2. most times it takes longer than it should to open fonts window.

    3. BUT, every now and again it crashes program.

    Observed result:

    Out of memory error pops up, then program (construct 2) crashes.

    Firstly not possible game memory is between 10 and 13mb

    Expected result:

    Supposed to open font window to change fonts for text box via properties bar.

    Browsers affected:

    None: it is software issue.

    Operating system & service pack:

    AMD Phenom(tm) X6 1090T Processor 3.2 GHz

    Installed Memory 16.0 GB

    windows 7 home premium - service pack 1 - 64bit operating system -

    Construct 2 version: 139 brought via steam


  • Can't reproduce: I opened the fonts window 20 times and it worked every time. Please provide more detailed and working reproduction steps or we cannot investigate further. Also, are your graphics card drivers up to date?

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  • Ashley,

    Thank you for checking. I wouldn't have posted, but it has happened a couple times today. And all were with various .capx files so can't get the exact recipe for crash. To be honest it hasn't happened since I posted. It must have been a combination of things that, when I selected the font and font size and went okay - it crashed the program. Or that is what I recall being the last thing I did when crash occurred. If it happens again I will post back with more details.

    If it is just me, then chances are its me ;)

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