Disabled Trigger Event Bug

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  • A disabled trigger still allows the actions to happen. This logically shouldn't happen.

    Tried it with several trigger types, and the results were consistently the same.

    Picture of the error:

    <img src="http://akabutters.com/trigger_error.png" border="0">

    Project File (with the above event in it)

    System Info: Windows 7

    Browser: Latest Chrome

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  • You just disabled the one condition, that's if you have more than one and still want the other to work.

    Right click the left edge where the little green trigger arrow is, rather than on the condition, and select disable from that spot, and it will disable the whole event.

    It also works that way for other things like copying, click the condition and you select just the one, select the left edge, and you select the whole event.

  • A fine distinction as to where to click, but thanks for the proper usage.

    As this may be the intended behavior, it's probably not a bug then.

    Maybe the default "disable" should be the one you just taught me?

    Anyhow, thanks for the heads up.

  • It seems less weird after you get used to it. Actually you can click in the color bar under the event too, it selects it all as well. (however it's not always present.)

    I find I disable parts of an event a lot more than the whole thing, it gets used A LOT in debugging. Disable bits here and there seeing what makes a difference.

  • Yeah, I keep putting off getting my hands dirty with the (lack of real) debugging issue in C2.

    I know there's a couple of user made debugging plugins available, but I haven't played with them yet.

  • Closing as by design. If you disable the only condition in an event, the event effectively has no conditions. Events with no conditions work the same as "every tick" by design.

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