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  • This will be my first post on the scirra forums, I'm happy to be joining the community!

    Anyway my issue here is that I'm currently trying to develop a simple iOS game utilizing directcanvas but it doesn't seem to working. I've followed the appmobi tutorials and the construct exporting tutorials to the letter multiple times but I don't seem to be getting the performance increase directcanvas offers. I have all of my iOS distro certs and provisioning profiles configured correctly and am able to build the app using appmobi's "lean with direct canvas" option but when I put the app on my iPad 2 via ipa method thru itunes the result has a few issues:

    -On the ipad while in landscape mode the screen content seems to constantly switch position

    -The game on ipad is sluggish and appears as though direct canvas isn't working at all

    -Moving assets on the screen are flipping back and forth out of control as though they are constantly being "mirrored"

    The game works perfectly in the simulator but doesn't screw up until I try to test over wifi or build to an ipa

    (I'll include some files shortly)

    Any ideas?

  • capx and appmobi project file

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  • Sorry I'm pretty new to this, here are my exact steps from exporting to getting the game on the ipad 2:

    1. I export my project in construct 2 using appmobi with the appmobi project folder as my directory. This path (Appmobi Projects\Documents\\3.4.0). I just use standard png recompression and I did not minify the script.

    2. I push the update to production in appmobi and once that's complete I build for iPad with directcanvas. I download the ipa and use iTunes to put it on my iPad 2 which is provisioned for the app. When I launch the app I encounter the above mentioned issues.

  • Are you sure you're exporting with 'use directCanvas' set and not 'use phone browser'? The latter is very slow.

    Apart from that, if you experience issues using directCanvas you should report them to appMobi. That's the company that makes directCanvas - we can't do anything to fix it ourselves I'm afraid.

  • i have been facing the similar problem. simple game, work fine on html, work fine on appmobi simulator, gone absolutely retarded on wifi test.

    however my previous stripdown version works fine, will try to find out whats went wrong in the middle..

    pleaae do update if u found anything,

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