Crosswalk Android Bug with synchronization

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  • Problem Description

    When I export game using Android plugin and then make crosswalk build for Android I have a problem: Multiplayer plugin don't work. Peer don't recieve message from host. I had the same problem with node web-kit, but after updating node this problem was solved.

    Attach a Capx

    Try to build "multiplayer game example"

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      I can post build for Android here, if it's unprohibited action; Start the game: multipalyer example or whatever that required multiplayer plugin;

    Observed Result

    You will see only offline objects, any event on recieving message from host will be ignored.

    Expected Result

    Android build should work similar to all node web-kit build.

    Operating System and Service Pack


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  • Crosswalk is a few versions behind Chrome and will need updating before it is supported. Closing.

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