Still crashing on exit

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  • R112 dreaded exit crash raised it's ugly head again.This time i managed to get the crash every single time . I downloaded kyatric's space shooter tutorial cap and decided to change the enemy saucers with my own.After i did that the app refused to exit yet again.

    This only happens when you try to change a previous sprite with a new sprite.Once the game is saved and you reopen the updated capx file it exits like it should again.

  • Just happened to me in r113 after a few hours of use. drat. Seemed to close the projects and stay open, but I think that is only while it was trying to close. As at that time, I went ahead and loaded another project started to rename a sprite and it crashed. I don't think it was related to the rename, just timing out after a minute of trying to shut down.

    While the project was open, I did open an existing 1 by 1 pixel sprite, resize it to 32x32 and color it solid. but recreating this does nothing.

    sorry, no more clues.

  • Not sure if it's related or not, but I find that C2 frequently (as in, more often than not, but not every time) crashes on Windows 8 64bit if I leave the computer for a while so that it returns to the lock screen, and then return to it. Upon unlocking the computer, I find C2 has crashed.

    Again, my C2 and graphics card is up to date, yada yada, and the error message gives no more information. I've never had it crash following a period of constant use - I just need always to remember to save before leaving the computer for 5 minutes...

  • tanoshimi That's a different crash, Ashley responded once before:

    "crashing if your computer goes to sleep or hibernates while Construct 2 is open is a known issue and is a separate problem - can you reproduce any issues on exiting when your computer has been on and active the whole time?"


    It was the same topic, different thread:

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  • Yeah, for me C2 crashes occasionally while using it, and without fail whenever I have been using Photoshop at the same time and close C2 it will definitely crash.

    I am running latest version of C2 on Win8 Pro machine, and if C2 crashes, when I shut down the OS it hangs for a bit then brings up a message about a 'Place Holder Window' still being open and gives the option to force the shut down or go back and close the 'Place Holder' window. (This 'Place Holder' window thing only comes up when I have been using C2, and I have been using Win8 and Photoshop since the consumer preview.)

    Anyway if I opt to go and close the window - there is no 'Place Holder' window to be found - and Task Manager shows nothing running.

    I have had this problem since I came on board (Dec 2012), but C2 is such a cool tool I just expect it and work around it. I have been looking out for specific things that cause it but it pretty random - except when using graphics intensive software at the same time.

    My guess is it is graphics related, since it always happens when using Photoshop, but randomly if I'm not....

  • R122 beta still crashes on exit under Win7 64-bit.

    Windows makes some dump files, which I have uploaded here:

    Dump Files zipped

    Here is the given information:

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

    Application Name:     Construct2.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:     5140bca2

    Fault Module Name:     Construct2.exe

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp:     5140bca2

    Exception Code:     c0000005

    Exception Offset:     00000000003f1f21

    OS Version:     6.1.7601.

    Locale ID:     1026

    Additional Information 1:     8a3f

    Additional Information 2:     8a3f09adb6b71b3cc86e302f9701049f

    Additional Information 3:     41a2

    Additional Information 4:     41a20447ca516aa9e4d9605bc5da3e6a

  • I got the crash on exit 4 times in less than 2 hours of work, hopefull, the original file was saved correct.

  • Unfortunately the crashes are getting more and more prevalent.

    For me, C2 will crash on exit almost EVERY time, and ALWAYS when using Photoshop at the same time.

    And there is always this 'Placeholder Window' thing that happens when shutting down Win8.

    There are also other random crashes while working with C2 that are well random, and only Task Manager can close the program.

    I now always start Task Manager before firing up C2, and always save habitually, like whenever I make substantial changes in event sheets, when adding editing sprites etc., and definitely before previewing.

    It's a bit annoying, but it seams there is no way to pinpoint what causes the crashes - I just count it as one of those work place hazards!

  • true words from a german c2 forum?

    Somehow it seems to me scirra is kicking new features like image-line does for flstudio, maybe they will never fix deep going bugs.

    Any response welcome :)

  • I was about to report the same bug with the 125 build, as upon exiting the program doesn't ever fully close until I CTRL+Shift+ESC to bring up Task Manager. Then it crashes and provides the following wall of text :

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

    Application Name:     Construct2.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:     516429ee

    Fault Module Name:     Construct2.exe

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp:     516429ee

    Exception Code:     c0000005

    Exception Offset:     00000000003fee15

    OS Version:     6.1.7601.

    Locale ID:     3081

    Additional Information 1:     8a3f

    Additional Information 2:     8a3f09adb6b71b3cc86e302f9701049f

    Additional Information 3:     c50d

    Additional Information 4:     c50d990bc6ad6444c0ae2dc2f2366f05

  • Hello,

    I have the same bug after an hibernation.

    I click to exit Construct , and it crash. Can't exit the program, the quick access toolbar crash, and no icon in the right for close , minimize, etc ....

    Always the same bug.

  • Closing since there have been no further reports since r152. Let me know if this is still an issue.

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