Still crashing on exit

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  • Oops I think I read too quick. Yes. Mine seems to be a diff issue.

    Thanks Ashley!

  • Uhm... Just for curiosity... are you all running Catalyst 12.8? I remember a similar issue with photoshop cs6 (Oxc05 crash - access violation) on 64 bit systems with these drivers.

  • I have 2 laptops and one desktop pc.Laptop no 1: intel gfx card ,Win7 64ultimate - Exit crash , Laptop no 2 Ati Gfx card Win7 Premium 64 bit - Still crashes on exit and my desktop pc 1Gb nvidia gfx card ,win 7 64bit home edition guess what ... Each one has the same exit crash.

    All gfx drivers are updated and i have the most recent version off construct 2.

  • I just had this closing crash again, vista64

    Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

    Application Name:     Construct2.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:     50857a10

    Fault Module Name:     gdiplus.dll

  • My Construct 2 crashs if I switch from Browser or to another Window with alt+tab often, sometimes if I want go back to Construct 2 it has closed -.- without message or something

  • I have latest stable version [108.2] and now when the project is slowly growing it starting crashing on exit sometimes also.

    Specs Win7 64

    i5 sandybridge

    nvidia 560

    latest drivers and updates

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  • Version 109 still the same.Whenever i create a new stage or character the app hangs or crashes when i exit.Will try to make a video of this particular problem.

  • DravenX - it's difficult to do anything about the problem without steps to reliably reproduce it. Can you provide these?

  • The app seems to crash when i create new animated sprites or when i create more events.The sprites aren't large 96x64 are the largest sprites for the project.This is a wierd crash because i can close my project without any problems ,but if i try to exit the app it seems to hang.Windows only reports a problem when i bring up the task manager of windows.

    The crash only seems to happen when i create more layouts,sprites with animations or add more events to an event sheet.It closes fine if i only open the project and close it again without changing anything.

    Try to create a test project with animated sprites ,various layouts and event sheets for each layout.Then save it and exit the app.Now go back to that project and add some more animated sprites and more events ,It will crash eventually after a few tries,but reproducing it is very difficult because it's doing this randomly.

  • DravenX - is there any exact sequence of steps that reproduces a crash every time?

  • The Crashes occur randomly.But the best way to create such a crash is to create more content and animations for a project.My animations are small 4 - 10 frames maximum per character.And there are about 30 chars on each layout including bk's and platforms.But its not a serious problem just an annoying prob.The project still saves the way it should.

  • Yeah I've had this quite a bit as well - I think yesterday it crashed randomly about 7-8 times in total (worked a 10 hour day with it), also mostly when I was doing stuff with the image editor. I'll try to pinpoint the exact cause as well.

  • EyeHawk - have you tried r112? It includes a change which might help fix this.

  • Ashley - Sure, will do. I've been hanging around on the last stable release (108.2) for a bit, but it looks like the latest release has lots of fixes/stabilization <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • r112 is still crashing for me. After I have done small changes and had my project open for a while, I then try to click the top right corner cross to close C2 and it only closes the current project, not C2. Then I still want to close C2, so I click "file menu" and choose exit and C2 crashes.

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