Crash when trying to add Particles to layout

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  • Basically, I wanted to add an explosion for certain events so I opened up the Particle explosions example and tried to use the Particles object from there, but Construct 2 crashes. I have verified that the following steps result in crashes on my system 100% of the time with n=6.

    1. Open Construct 2
    2. Load Chuck.capx
    3. File -> Open
    4. Load examples/Particle explosions.capx
    5. Drag Particles from Projects:Particle explosions/Object types to Projects:Chuck/Object types
    6. Right click on Particle explosions in Projects and Close project
    7. Don't save
    8. Double click Layout 1 in Projects
    9. Drag Particles onto Layout 1
    10. Construct 2 crashes (Construct 2 game creator has stopped working)

    If I skip steps 6 and 7, step 9 does not cause a crash. However, I'm still unable to drag and drop the Particles object type onto Layout 1 (I am able to drag and drop other object types onto Layout 1). The really frustrating thing is that I don't even actually want to add an instance of Particles to Layout 1. I'm forced to because if I don't, I get the message "Assertion failure: No default instance when creating object. You must have at least one instance of every object type in at least one layout. This will be fixed in a future build..." when I try to have the System create Particles upon a collision.

  • My construct 2 consistently crashes when I try to clone certain sprite.

    for now I would just manually create them.. sigh...

  • ZhaoYun, that sounds like a different problem, can you make a separate bug report with steps to reproduce?

    bjp - dragging objects between projects is not actually supported yet, it's on the todo list - workaround is to copy and paste an instance from the layout.

  • Not supported is fine, crashing is not fine. The former is an open feature request, the latter is a bug. Dragging between projects currently has bugs. Copying and pasting isn't working for me yet, but I'll look into it in more depth and make a new bug report for that separate action if appropriate.

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  • You're right, it shouldn't crash. That should be fixed for the next build.

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