Crash on Shift+ALT+resize

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Shift+ALT+resize



    Observed result:

    Crashes Construct 2

    Expected result:

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes/no

    Firefox: yes/no

    Internet Explorer: yes/no

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7 64bit sp1

    Construct 2 version:


  • Did u mean resize the C2 main window or sprite instance? Both works fine for me.

  • To clarify:

    I selected a sprite, and (from muscle memory from Photoshop, I guess), pressed SHIFT+ALT+resize handle on sprite, and that crashed C2.

    Is there a way to scale/resize in both width and height from center of sprite?

  • It's been reported before, ALT isn't supported for sizing, we just do it from Photoshop habits. But ALT presses sometimes crash Construct2. Until it can be reproduced, it's not likely to be found and fixed.

    You can just press it at random times in the layout editor and get the crash too. (usually when least expected) So try to avoid that key.

  • Staying away from ALT then.

    Back to the scaling uniformly from centre question - is there a way to do so in C2, or does it only scale uniformly from a corner?


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  • I can't reproduce this, Shift+Alt+Resize works every time for me (and just does the same thing as shift+resize), using Windows 8 64-bit.

    Any ideas about ways to more reliably reproduce the problem?

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